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Which isotype of VEGF is used in the EGM-2 and EGM-2MV Growth Media?

The isotype of VEGF is used in the EGM™-2 and EGM™-2MV Growth Media is isotype 165.

What is the concentration of sugar in Lonzas endothelial cell media?

While the complete formulation of all of Lonza’s specialty media are proprietary, the EBM™, EBM™-2, and EBM™ phenol red free basal media as well as the EBM™ Complete Media will all contain d-glucose (dextrose) [CAS number 50-99-7] at exactly 1.0 g/L...

Where is the fresh bone marrow collected from?

The bone marrow is collected from the iliac crest.

What is the difference between each of the types of HUVECs that Lonza offers?

When choosing between the various types of HUVECs that Lonza offers, the choice can be made by answering the following questions: What media do you intend to culture the cells in? Do you require pooled or single donor cells? Do you require...

What type of heparin do we use with fresh bone marrow?

We use sodium heparin as the anticoagulant at a final concentration of 100 units per ml.

Is Lonza's fresh bone marrow filtered?

The fresh bone marrow is filtered only if visible clots are present. If the tech notices clots in the marrow, they pour the marrow over a filter which removes the clot from the aspirate. No other manipulation of the product takes place, and again,...

Do we do customs of fresh bone marrow in different media?

We can ship fresh bone marrow in any media that the customer requests as long as the send the media to use beforehand. Any changes to the process at the donation facility are not permitted due to the IRB. So you cannot change the amount of...

How does Lonza perform the cell count on the fresh, unprocessed bone marrow? Does Lonza guarantee a minimum viability for the fresh, unprocessed bone marrow?

Lonza use a Coulter Counter to perform the total cell count on the fresh, unprocessed bone marrow. Lonza does not perform viability testing on this product, but when shipped overnight, viability is typically around 80%.

How long does it take for the fresh bone marrow sample to arrive from the moment of harvest?

Barring any delays at airport customs, and assuming there are no weather related delays, the sample can be delivered anywhere in the continental United States within 26 hours of collection (same day delivery may be available for local deliveries,...

Is there a media recommendation for differentiating CD34+ cells into erythrocytes ?

Lonza offer a differentiation kit for erythrocyte differentiation of CD34+ cells (Lonza catalog no. PT-4514 and PT-4515).