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Why cant I obtain a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for a component within a SingleQuot Kit?

Lonza’s SingleQuot™ Kits contain various supplements and growth factors (such as fetal bovine serum, antibiotics, or hydrocortisone). While each supplement and growth factor will have its own catalog and lot number, each supplement and growth factor...

Where can I obtain a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for a product I purchased through Lonza?

So long as you have the product catalog number and batch/lot number, Lonza Certificates of Analysis (COA) can be downloaded from . Please enter the product catalog number and batch/lot number...

What is the source of the laminin that Lonza suggests when plating Neural Progenitor Cells? Can pre-coated plates be used?

The laminin that Lonza currently uses for plating Neural Progenitor cells is Cultrex™ Mouse Laminin I from Trevigen (Trevigen part no. 3400-010-01). Lonza does NOT recommend using pre-coated plates.

What is Neural Survival Factor-1 (NSF-1)? What is the proper way to use NSF-1?

Lonza’s Neural Survival Factor-1 (NSF-1) is a complex mixture of various compounds, chemicals, cytokines, and growth factors. NSF-1 comes prepared as a 50x solution. As such, it is recommended that the one 4 ml vial of NSF-1 is used to supplement 200...

Can Lonza's Normal Human Neural Progenitor (NHNP) cells be plated onto glass coverslips?

Due to issues Lonza has noted with adherence and toxicity, even with a laminin coating, Lonza does not suggest plating Normal Human Neural Progenitor (NHNP) cells onto glass coverslips.

What is the difference between Lonzas various renal cell types?

The primary differences between each of Lonza’s various renal cell types are the isolation location and the markers for which each cell types tests positive. Human Renal Epithelial Cells (HRE; Catalog no. CC-2554): Lonza’s Human Renal Epithelial...

Where are Lonzas HRE Human Renal Epithelial cells isolated from?

Lonza’s Human Renal Epithelial (HRE) cells are an expansion of HNK (human neonatal kidney) cells. The fetal kidneys are homogenized and the mixed population of cells are cultured in Lonza REGM™ Renal Epithelial Cell Growth Medium for one passage...

Does Lonza have a suggested TRAP kit for testing Osteoclast differentiation/functionality?

The TRAP kit Lonza used in the past when testing Osteoclast differentiation/functionality is the Acid Phosphatase, Leukocyte (TRAP) Kit from Sigma-Aldrich (Sigma-Aldrich catalog no. 386A). Now, we are using our OsteoLyse Assay Kit PA-1500 for testing...

What plate format is the protocol for culturing Lonza's Osteoclast Precursor (OCP) cells written for?

The protocol for culturing Lonza's Osteoclast Precursor (OCP) cells written for plating cells into a 96-well plate.

Where are Lonzas RPTEC cells isolated from? Is Lonza certain that these cells are truly RPTEC?

Lonza’s Renal Proximal Tubule Epithelial Cells (RPTEC) are isolated from the cortex of the kidney. A characteristic of kidney cortex epithelial isolation results in a population consisting of approximately 50%- 70% RPTEC. Lonza uses a proprietary...