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Does the recommended media for each of the diabetic cells contain glucose? Is there a glucose-free media option?

The recommended media does contain glucose. Please contact Scientific Support for glucose concentrations. For glucose-free media, we offer BE12-752F - RPMI 1640 w/ L-Glut w/o glucose, 500ml and BE02-040E Glucose stock solution 100g/L, 100ml.

Is the viability of cells from diseased or diabetic donors less than cells from normal donors?

We guarantee > 70 % viability for cells from both diseased/diabetic donors and normal donors.

What is the difference between the EBM and EBM-2 Basal Media? Can the EBM-2 Basal Media be substituted with the EBM phenol red free Basal Media?

The EBM™ and EBM™-2 Basal Media are essentially identical. The major difference between the EBM™ and EBM™-2 Basal Media is the concentration of phenol red (the EBM™-2 Basal Media has about 1/10th the amount of phenol red as the EBM™ Basal Media). The...

Do we have any Diseased Human Bronchial/Tracheal Epithelial Cells (DHBE) screened for Air Liquid Interface (ALI) differentiation using the B-ALI BulletKit?

Yes. All our DHBEs are also offered in a version screened for ALI differentiation. The lots which do pass this additional ALI testing are electronically designated by adding an “S” to the end of the original catalog number.

What is the difference between the EGM and EGM-2 growth media? What is the difference between the EGM-MV and EGM-2MV growth media?

The EBM™ and EBM™-2 basal media are essentially identical. The difference between the EGM™ and EGM™-2 growth media (or the EGM™-MV and EGM™-2MV growth media) are in the supplements. EGM™ and EGM™-MV growth media will contain the undefined reagent...

How many passages can I use the Clonetics and Diseased Cells?

Proliferative capacity is tested through one or more passages (depending on the cell type) for information only and is NOT a specification where a minimum number of doublings must be obtained in order to pass our testing unlike the normal counterpart...

What is the difference between the EGM and EGM-MV Growth Media? What is the difference between the EGM-2 and EGM-2MV Growth Media?

Lonza endothelial cell media ending with –MV (such as the EGM™-MV and EGM™-2MV Growth Media) are typically designated for use with microvascular endothelial cells (with some exceptions). Lonza endothelial cell media not ending with –MV (such as the...

Do we know the severity of the asthma or the genotype of the cystic fibrosis donors?

"Generally, information on the severity of asthma is not available. For our diseased cells from donors with cystic fibrosis, we usually have information on the genotype of the donor. Please contact our scientific support department for further...

Which isotype of VEGF is used in the EGM-2 and EGM-2MV Growth Media?

The isotype of VEGF is used in the EGM™-2 and EGM™-2MV Growth Media is isotype 165.

Do I need a special media or protocol for culturing the Clonetics and Poietics Diseased Cells?

No, all of our diseased cells are isolated, expanded, and tested in the same media and using the same protocol as the normal counterpart cells.