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Are Lonzas human mammary epithelial cells tested for estrogen receptor response?

Unfortunately, Lonza has not thoroughly investigated the estrogen receptor response/response to estrogen of the mammary epithelial cells being isolated in the HMEC product.

What is the source of the tissue for Lonza Pancreatic Islet?

Lonza Pancreatic Islets are isolated from pancreas extracted from cadavers.

Can Pancreatic Islets be isolated from any alternate species as a custom isolation?

Yes, Pancreatic Islets can be isolated from rodent as a custom isolation. Please contact for more information.

Do the FlashGel Visualization Glasses protect against UV light?

Yes. They block UV exposure up to 400nm and “blue light” between 400 and 510nm. They meet OSHA requirements and ANSI Z87.1.

Can Pancreatic Islets be isolated from any diseased tissue be done as a custom isolation?

Pancreatic islets are only available from normal, healthy donors at this time.

Can Lonza guarantee that the Pancreatic Islets are non-cancerous?

No; Lonza Pancreatic Islets are isolated from donors without a history of cancer, and the likelihood of getting cancerous tissue is exceptionally rare, however Lonza does not perform any specific screening to 100% ensure that islets are completely...

Why is the media received with Lonza Pancreatic Islets sometimes cloudy upon arrival?

The culture media supplied with these Lonza's Pancreatic Islets contains Human AB Serum which may precipitate during shipping. This precipitate should not affect the culturing of the islets. We suggest bringing the media to 22°C (room temperature)...

Why is my islet count for Lonza Pancreatic Islets lower than the advertised value?

Lonza’s Pancreatic Islets numbers are measured in Islet Equivalence Units (IEQ), not individual islets. An IEQ is a volumetric measurement and not a count. Please note that one islet equivalent (IEQ) is an islet of diameter 150 µm, typically...

Where are Lonzas NHOst CC-2538 cells isolated from?

Lonza obtains our Normal Human Osteoblasts (NHOst) from the spongy section of the bone head of ribs, femur, radius, fibula or tibia.If you would like to know, from which specific bone your lot of NHOst has been isolated, just contact our Scientific...

Where are Lonzas NHAC-kn cells isolated from?

Lonza obtains our Normal Human Articular Chondrocytes (NHAC-kn) from the weight bearing cartilage of the knee (hyaline cartilage)