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Is it possible to automate the PyroTec Pro standard dilutions? 

The standard endotoxin dilutions are created by the system based on what is specified in the WinKQCL™ Software Template specific for that assay. The PyroTec™ PRO System can dynamically create the dilution scheme in the WinKQCL™ Software. The system...

Can you provide more information on the PyroTec Pro validation of endotoxin standards made using pipetting vs. vortexing?

The only manual step required is for the analyst to perform the initial reconstitution and vortex the initial stock CSE (or RSE) solution prior to running the assay. The robot prepares the standard curve. As we do not place a vortex mixer on the...

How does PyroTec Pro liquid level detection work if different sample containers are used (conductive or pressure based)?

Conductive liquid detection is used by the PyroTec PRO™ System. The system currently supports sample handling in 13 x 100 mm tubes. An option to allow use of commonly used 15ml polystyrene sample tubes is planned for a future software release.

Is Lonza's Pro293-A media compatible with downstream purification of his-tagged proteins through nickel columns?

Pro293S media is serum-free medium that does not contain any inhibitors/chelating agents like EDTA that can interfere in Ni-NTA chromatography. For application in downstream processing, we recommend to dilute the harvest to 5 to 10-fold using...

PyroTec Pro: Can you run different samples (different treatment, dilution etc.) on one plate?

The system can accommodate a variety of samples on one plate with different dilutions applied to each sample. The system will apply whatever LAL reagent water dilutions are assigned to each sample on the WinKQCL™ Software-generated endotoxin...

What components make up the PyroTec PRO robotic solution?

PyroTec™ PRO is comprised of a liquid handling robot developed from the Tecan Freedom EVO® 150 Series with Lonza’s proprietary dynamic scripting for endotoxin testing. The system is equipped with up to two Sunrise microplate readers and...

PyroTec Pro: Am I limited in the amount and type of sample dilutions?

The user is limited only by the 48 spaces available for sample tubes on the deck layout. The user can create a multitude of sample dilutions with different sample types, utilizing LAL reagent water in addition to auxiliary dilutions simultaneously...

Are there any consumables that need to be purchased to run PyroTec PRO Robotic Solution other than standard reagents, dilution tubes, and microplates?

Yes, specific pipette tips (P/N 0000229884) and troughs (P/N 0000229888) for the robotic system are purchased from Lonza.

PyroTec Pro: How many plates can be processed with the instrument?

The system can accommodate up to two independent microplates on a single run of the instrument (i.e. a single deck setup).

How much space is required for the PyroTec PRO?

The robot is 145 cm wide, 78 cm deep and 87 cm tall. A minimum of 10 cm around the instrument is required for proper function.Depending on the configuration, the weight of the PyroTec PRO ranges from 187-200 kg. Tables are available for purchase from...