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What are your recommendations for minimum and maximum cell numbers for Nucleofection ?

The recommended cell number will vary depending on which Optimized protocol is being used. In general, using less than 2x10exp5cells per reaction causes a major increase in cell mortality. For some cell lines we have tried cell numbers up to...

After Nucleofection®, how do you determine cell viability?

We determine cell viability after Nucleofection® in two ways: 1) FACS determination of viable/dead cells by PROPIDIUM IODIDE STAINING. We normally analyze transfection efficiency in living cells by FACS: We first exclude cellular debris by...

Why is the Nucleofector® Technology ideal for transient protein production ?

For many cell lines in suspension, especially sCHO, conventional transfection methods are very limited in efficiency. For protein production, suspension cells are favored over adherent cells because they are much easier to cultivate. Unlike...

What is the optimal size of DNA that you recommend for Nucleofection®?

We routinely use plasmids of 4-7 kb in our laboratories and plasmids up to approximately 20kb should not be a problem. Using plasmids larger than this will most likely result in lower transfection efficiency. Some preliminary results we have also...

Why is the Nucleofector® Technology ideal for protein production from stable clones ?

The generation of a stable clone often requires six months or more due to selection procedures and adaption to serum-free conditions after transfection.With the help of the Nucleofector® Technology suspension cells can be transfected directly in...

How should I purify my DNA for Nucleofection® of neurons?

The quality and the concentration of DNA used for Nucleofection® in general plays a central role for the efficiency of gene transfer. We strongly recommend using endotoxin free prepared DNA. Endotoxin free Kits are available from several...

Do you have any recommended methods for detaching human monocytes from the plate for assaying or before Nucleofection®?

We have had good results by incubating the cells in ice cold PBS for 10 minutes and then rinsing the plates. Alternatively, the cells can be detached without a medium change by gently pipetting the cell suspension up and down. Our experience has also...

For Lonza's animal neurons, how many cortical neurons can I expect from a single pup?

According to our manufacturer, you can expect 12 million cortical neurons from an average E18-E19 rat pup.You can expect 4 million cortical neurons from an average mouse pup.

I've noticed that duration of the Nucleofection® Program seems to change even when I haven't changed the program I am using. Why?

The duration time of a program is dependent on the number of the program. The duration is also dependent on how long the Nucleofector® System has been turned on as well as the number of Nucleofections you have done in the last couple of...

What is the lowest amount of DNA which can be used for transfection? Do I need a DNA carrier for low DNA amounts?

The recommended amount of DNA per 100 µl reaction is 0.5µg-5 µg. No carrier is needed.