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Did you know that you can assess the effect of transfection procedures on the health of your cells?

By taking a sample of the culture media (usually 20µl) into a fresh luminometer plate and assaying using ToxiLight you can see if increased levels of AK are present in your transfected cells indicating that they have been damaged by the transfection...

Did you know that by combining ToxiLight with ViaLight you can assess proliferation, cytotoxicity and even cytostasis?

Proliferation shows increased Vialight RLUs but NO increase in ToxiLight RLUs*Cytotoxicity shows decreased Vialight RLUs and increased ToxiLight RLUs*Cytostasis (where the cells are alive but unable to proliferate) shows decreased Vialight RLUs but...

Did you know that MycoAlert can be conducted in the presence of fully supplemented culture media CONTAINING antibiotics?

MycoAlert was designed to “fit” in with normal tissue culturing practices. It was fully developed in fully supplemented culture media containing antibiotics and DOES NOT require a period of culture without antibiotics before assay.

Using PDELight to detect AMP

Using PDE Light to measure AMP should work fine. If using a cell free system there will be no need tomodify the protocol, just skip the PDE step. If working in the presence of cells it could be a bit messy asthere will be a lot of ATP around which...

How do I optimize for the flow rate of my cell type in Quasi Vivo? 

Use the guidelines we have given in the Quasi Vivo™ User Manual to find the range of possible flow rates. Set up the system and compare the viability of cells cultured for 24 hours (or some other appropriate time scale for your cell type) at each...

Is it possible to store supernatant samples for testing with Toxilight at a later date? 

Yes, store supernatant at either -20 or -80 for up to three months.

Can mycoplasma grow outside of a cell?

This is an area that is up for debate. There is evidence that mycoplasma can survive in the absence ofcells, and some may proliferate, but as a rule they are much happier if cells are present.

Can the Quasi Vivo system be reused? 

QV500 and QV600 chambers can be autoclaved up to 3 times. QV900 chambers cannot be autoclaved and are not recommended for reuse. For reservoir bottles and tubing, follow the manufacturer's instructions. Some tubing cannot be autoclaved. Therefore,...

How to determine if a compound interferes with Toxilight Non-Distructive Cytotoxicity BioAssay

#1-2 is to determine if the media contains Adenylate Kinase (AK), the enzyme detected in Toxilight™ Assay1. Run compound in buffer with ToxiLight™ Reagents.There should be no light output.2. Run compound/Media with ToxiLight™ Reagents.If...

Toxilight Cell Numbers Recommended

Toxilight works much better at low cell numbers, for adherent cell lines <10,000 in 96 and < 50,000 for suspension.We would normally seed 10,000 cells/well when using adherent cells to allow enough room in the well forthe control untreated...