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Do the FlashGel Visualization Glasses protect against UV light?

Yes. They block UV exposure up to 400nm and “blue light” between 400 and 510nm. They meet OSHA requirements and ANSI Z87.1.

What is the purity of Lonza's CD34+ cells?

Cell purity (as determined via FACS analysis for CD34 expression) is guaranteed to be 90% or greater for all Lonza CD34+ cell products. For some Lonza CD34+ cell products, a "budget" version of the product is available. The "budget" versions of the...

Will Lonzas Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells (H-RPE) express pigmentation in culture?

While Lonza does not routinely test Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells (H-RPE) for pigmentation expression, customers using these cells report that these cells will express pigmentation after 1-2 weeks in culture when using Lonza’s recommended media...

What is the distance between the two combs on Lonza's Reliant Gel, catalog number 57236?

From the bottom of one well to the top of the next, the distance is 31mm.

Can plasma or serum be run on Lonza's FlashGel System without prior purification?

No. The DNA or RNA will need to be extracted and purified before the samples can be loaded and run on the FlashGel™ Cassettes.

Can Lonza provide the eye color for the tissue used to generate Lonzas Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells (H-RPE)?

Unfortunately, Lonza does not provide the eye color for the tissues used to isolate Lonza’s Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells (H-RPE).

How are Lonza's mononuclear cells isolated?

Lonza's mononuclear cells are isolated from bone marrow, cord blood, or peripheral blood via density gradient centrifugation

What cells make up the mononuclear cell population?

Mononuclear cells are any blood cells with a rounded nucleus including lymphocytes (T-cells, B-cells, and Natural Killer [NK] Cells), monocytes, and dendritic cells.

What is the difference between Lonzas SkBM and SkBM-2 basal media? Can Lonzas SkBM and SkBM-2 basal media be used interchangeably?

Lonza’s SkBM™ and SkBM™-2 basal media are identical except for the fact that SkBM™ basal medium has L-glutamine while SkBM™-2 basal medium does not contain L-glutamine (L-glutamine is added to the SkBM™-2 basal medium as part of the SkGM™-2...

How are Lonza's CD14+ monocytes isolated?

Lonza's CD14+ monocytes are isolated first by obtaining mononuclear cells from peripheral blood via density gradient centrifugation. The CD14+ cells are then isolated form the mononuclear cell population using positive immunomagnetic selection....