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Can I download the software for the FlashGel Camera from your website?  

Please check the serial number of your camera.For cameras shipped after July 2012 (serial # >2012), version 3.3.1 of the software is available for download here: with Windows® XP (SP3...

Are there some genes not stimulated by flow in the Quasi Vivo system? 

So far the focus of gene study has been on a small number of important genes in hepatocytes, all of which were found to be upregulated under flow compared to static. There may be some genes whose regulation is unaffected by the presence of flow...

Do all the luciferase based reagents need to be protected from light?

All of our regents should not be exposed for extended periods to light, it is advisable to keep themcovered. If they are in a trough simply covering with aluminium foil should be sufficient.

Reasons for negatives vs positive PCR

It is possible that the PCR is picking up dead mycoplasma whereas MycoAlert will pick up only viablemycoplasma. It is possible of course that there is contamination in the PCR giving a false positive.

Does the pump go outside or inside the incubator for Quasi Vivo? 

It can be either; this will depend on investigator preference as well as the specifications of the pump model used. According to our users, the inside/outside split is about 50:50. We can make recommendations for pumps that will work in humid or...

Can cell free supernatants ( NOT lysed) be stored for later testing with ViaLight?

For supernatants there will be exogenous ATPases present that will degrade ATP so it should really betreated as if it were cells. Freeze as quickly as possible and store at -80C, for no morethan 4 weeks. The ATP will be OK with the freezing.

How many chambers can be connected to the same reservoir bottle in the Quasi Vivo system?

Up to 6 chambers can be connected to a single 30 ml reservoir bottle. At the time of printing, the maximum number of chambers used in an experiment, in multiple circuits, was 32. 

Is it possible to convert the B/A value of positive control to CFU of Mycoplasma?

The assay is not quantitative so you cannot relate the ratio to an actual value , different species will givedifferent ratios due to levels of expression of the enzymes we measure - the assay just gives a Yes or Noanswer. The positive control is...

Can the Quasi Vivo chambers represent organs? 

Yes, cells from different tissues can be cultured separately and connected together, to model organ interaction. 

What are inhibitors of the MycoAlert Assay

The main inhibitors of the MycoAlert reaction would be things that affect theluciferase detection. Agents which potentially quench the light signal includehigh levels of salt, edta and other chelating agents, very high levels ofsera, highly coloured...