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Is it possible to store reconstituted MycoAlert®/MycoAlert® PLUS Reagent and Substrate?

For optimal assay conditions, reconstituted reagent and substrate should be used fresh within 2 hours after reconstitution.During this time they can be kept at room temperature.For the MycoAlert® Kit: Unused, reconstituted components can be aliquoted...

How much sample do you need for accurate results with MycoAlert® Assay? Do you need cells or just supernatant?

The standard protocol calls for taking 2 ml of culture media, spinning down any cells and removing 100 µl of supernatant as sample.Smaller initial aliquots of media may be taken to start with if necessary.

Is it possible to quantify the mycoplasma with the MycoAlert® Mycoplasma Detection Assay?

No, the MycoAlert® Mycoplasma Detection Assay (as well as the MycoAlert® PLUS Mycoplasma Detection Assay) is not quantitative; it has been designed to give a simple Yes or No answer, pertaining to the presence of Mycoplasma.

Generation of a stable cell line: A positive control plasmid works, but I cannot obtain stable clones with my construct of interest. What could be the reason?

One reason could be that your gene product is toxic to the cells. We recommend testing the construct for expression of the gene of interest by transient Nucleofection® of your cells. If the proportion of expressing cells drops between 4 and 48 hours...

When performing the MycoAlert® Mycoplasma Detection Assay, why is it necessary to spin out the cells?

It is highly recommended that the samples are spun down prior to testing. If cells are present in the assay they will contribute to the initial reading producing a higher background. This in turn can decrease the difference between the background and...

How long does it take to obtain stable transfectants?

Depending on individual cell type and doubling rate, selection of stable transfectants will take between 7 and 28 days. Expansion and characterization of single cell clones will take several weeks in addition.

How long is the MycoAlert® Mycoplasma Detection Assay signal stable?

Please follow the protocol exactly as written – add reagent, wait 5 min and read, add substrate, wait 10 minutes and read again. 

In stable cell line generation, I have a very high transfection efficiency, but most of my cells die during selection. Is this to be expected?

This is the normal pattern you should expect to see. Only a small proportion (1/10,000 to 1/100) of all transfected cells will integrate the transfected DNA into their genome and become stable transfectants. The remaining cells lose the transfected...

Is the MycoAlert® Assay validated for use in GMP environment?

No. The MycoAlert® Assay is sold for Research Use Only.

What selection markers can I use for the generation of stable cell lines?

The most commonly used marker is the neomycin phosphotransferase (neo) gene that confers resistance to G418 to eukaryotic cells. Other markers are Puromycin, Hygromycin, Zeocin, or the HPRT gene that can be used in HPRT-deficient cells.