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How long is the MycoAlert® Mycoplasma Detection Assay signal stable?

Please follow the protocol exactly as written – add reagent, wait 5 min and read, add substrate, wait 10 minutes and read again. 

Is the MycoAlert® Assay validated for use in GMP environment?

No. The MycoAlert® Assay is sold for Research Use Only.

Can I also use the Lucetta® 2 Luminometer for other assays besides the MycoAlert® Mycoplasma Detection Assay?

Yes. In addition to the tailor-made MycoAlert® Mode it also has a "Single Read" mode which is suited for unprocessed luminescence readings, e.g. ATP-based cell proliferation or cytotoxicity assays, or Luciferase reporter gene assays.

I thawed and plated my Clonetics embryonic rat or mouse neuronal cells and there are a lot of dead cells. What happened?

Cell death will usually be observed during the first few days of growth, resulting in cell debris in the culture – this is normal. Cell cultivation should be continued and surviving cells should start to develop. By day 4, neurite networks will be...

What type of matrix should your Clonetics embryonic rat/mouse neural cells be seeded onto?

For optimal results, poly-D-lysine with laminin should be used, especially for the hippocampus cells.Poly-D-lysine without the laminin or poly-L-lysine could also be used for the rat and mouse neuronal cells.

When should I use the MycoAlert® Assay Control Set?

The positive control should be always included as reference for a positive signal. It serves as control for the performance of the MycoAlert® Assay and the MycoAlert® PLUS Assay and the luminescence measurement.

Are the Clonetics embryonic rat/mouse neuronal cells from a single donor or pooled?

The cells are pooled from whole litters, including both males and females.

What is the age of the rats and mice the Clonetics embryonic neuronal cells are isolated from?

Both are of embryonic origin: the rats are E18 or E19 and the mice are E14 or E15.

What are useful methods to enrich/purify specific hematopoetic cell populations before Nucleofection?

Specific blood cell populations can be enriched/purified for Nucleofection™ by MACS™ selection Kits (Miltenyi Biotec GmbH), RosetteSep™ Kits (StemCell Technologies Inc.) or Dynal™ beads (Invitrogen Corporation).