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Is the viability of cells from diseased or diabetic donors less than cells from normal donors?

We guarantee > 70 % viability for cells from both diseased/diabetic donors and normal donors.

How is the disease state for Lonzas diseased airway cells determined?

The tissue received for all of Lonza’s diseased airway cells are obtained from donors which were diagnosed by an accredited physician prior to death. Frequently, Lonza will obtain information on medications taken related to the disease which will...

How does Lonza test for quality of the diseased airway cells?

Diseased Bronchial Epithelial Cells are characterized by morphology through serial passage and some are tested for differentiation using B-ALI™ Differentiation protocols, these are tested for TEER levels, ciliogenesis, and mucin production. Diseased...

Can you use the AdipoRed Assay on cells other than preadipocytes?

Yes, the AdipoRed™ Assay Reagent can be used on many other cell types that accumulate triglycerides. It may have to be optimized for specific applications depending on the lipid that is stained.

Does the recommended media for each of the diabetic cells contain glucose?

The recommended media does contain glucose. Please contact Scientific Support for glucose concentrations. 

Do I need to use a gelatin, fibronectin, collagen, or Matrigel coating when culturing my Clonetics Cells?

Most Clonetics™ Cells do not require an extracellular matrix when grown on tissue culture treated plastic – flasks, dishes, well plates (with the exception of hepatocytes, and the rat/mouse neuronal and dorsal root ganglion neurons, rat cardiac...

What is a Clonetics or Poietics Basal Medium?

The Clonetics™ and Poietics™ Basal Media are primarily composed of trace metals, amino acids, vitamins, salts, and water. The basal medium contains no growth factors or antibiotics and is not sufficient to support cell attachment and growth. To the...

What is in your ReagentPack Subculturing Reagents Kit (CC-5034)?

The ReagentPack™ Subculturing Reagents Kit is composed of three components: - 100 ml of HEPES Buffered Saline Solution, - 100 ml of Trypsin/EDTA- 100 ml of Trypsin Neutralizing Solution (TNS).

Your instructions for culturing of Clonetics Cells do not mention centrifuging the cells upon thawing. Won't the DMSO kill the cells?

We have seen on multiple occasions that the effects of centrifugation can be significantly more damaging than the effects of residual DMSO on primary cells. As such, unless specifically noted in the recommended culture protocol, instead of...

What medium do you recommend for the diseased airway cells?

The recommended medium for diseased cells is the same as for normal cells. BEGM™ for Diseased Bronchial Epithelial Cells, some lots are guaranteed in B-ALI™ Media. SmGM™-2 Medium is recommended for Diseased Bronchial Smooth Muscle Cells. FGM™-2...