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Are there any contaminating glial cells in your Clonetics rat/mouse embryonic neuronal cells?

There will be a small amount of glial cells in the culture, and are not considered a contaminating cell type. The glial cells are necessary to help the neurons form their axons and dendrites, synchronize the activity of the axons, and remove waste.

How can cells be cured of mycoplasma contamination?

Where contamination has occurred, and the sample absolutely cannot be discarded, the MycoZap™ Mycoplasma Elimination Reagent has been optimized to eliminate mycoplasma with minimal toxic effects on the cells. The MycoZap™ Reagent eliminates...

Do you have any instructions available for using a hemocytometer for cell counting?

Yes. Please click on the associated pdf file for more information.

Component B in my Mouse T cell kit became solid at 4°C . Is this normal?

Yes, it is normal for component B to become solid at 4°C. The crystals dissolve at room temperature and functionality of component B is not affected.

When I transfected my cells, error 8 appeared on the display of the Nucleofector IIN, IIS or 2b. What is the reason for that error?

Error 8 occurs when there has been an arc within the cuvette during application of the electrical program. The program was begun but was interrupted because too much current was detected. Efficiency may be lower than expected due to the incomplete...

When I transfected my cells, the message "weak" appeared on the display of the Nucleofector IIN, IIS or 2b. What does that mean and what is the reason for this error?

This message means that the device cut off the pulse before it was completed (usually this is because the conductivity of the solution is at the low end of the normal range). The pulse was applied; it is just going to be a little weaker than...

Where can I find what the error codes on the Nucleofector or 96-well Shuttle mean?

In the back of the respective manuals, there is a chart giving a brief description of the error codes. If more information is needed or an error code is recurrent, it is best to contact Scientific Support for advice to determine if there is a...

Do your Clonetics Rat and Mouse Astrocytes proliferate?

Yes. The cells do expand in culture.

What kind of luciferase assay did Lonza use in the application note "Important Vector Factors for Gene Expression"?

The luciferase data in figure 1 shows the expression levels of different vectors. For analysis of the LUC activity we used the Bright-Glo™ Luciferase Assay System from Promega. To access the Application Note, please visit the Technical Library on...

How can I determine the concentration of my expressed protein?

You can use several methods to determine the protein concentration, including measurement of the absorbance at 280 nm, Bradford Assay and BCA Assay. Please find further information on these assays/methods in associated pdf document "Determination of...