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What is the ratio of Supplement to Nucleofector® Solution?

The ratio is 1:4,5 (500 µL of supplement is added to 2.25 mL of Nucleofector® Solution).For a single 100 µL reaction, use 18 µL of supplement plus 82 µL of solution to make the 100 µL.

Can I expand the mononuclear cells, CD34+ progenitors, without differentiating them?

No, the cells will proliferate and differentiate simultaneously upon being placed in culture. Varying the cytokine cocktail can influence the differentiation and proliferation of the cells.

Which luminometer is suited for performing the MycoAlert® Assay?

For performing the MycoAlert® Assay in theory every luminometer is suitable as long as a specific sensitivity is given. Please find attached our list with luminometers we know to be suited to run the MycoAlert® and MycoAlert® Plus Mycoplasma...

Can Lonza's Human Adipose-Derived Stem Cells (hADSC) (PT-5006) be expanded prior to differentiation?

Lonza's human adipose derived stem cells (ADSC) are guarantee 5 passages prior to differentiation based on our existing data.

Are there positive controls for the MycoAlert® Assay?

The MycoAlert® Assay Control Set (LT07-518) is available separately and includes a lyophilized positive control (1 ml) and assay buffer (2 ml) for reconstitution. The assay buffer also serves as a negative control. The positive and negative controls...

What is a BulletKit® Media?

A BulletKit® Media contains a bottle of basal medium and a SingleQuots® Kit. It is possible to purchase each of these components separately. Once the basal medium is supplemented with the SingleQuots® Kit, it becomes complete growth medium.

Does the MycoAlert® Assay recognize the whole spectrum of mycoplasma?

The mycoplasma specific metabolism detected by the MycoAlert® Assay is present in all members of the mollicute family (Mycoplasma, Acholeplasma, Entomoplasma and Spiroplasma) except Ureaplasma (which are no usual suspects in cell culture). 95% of all...

What are SingleQuots Kits?

A SingleQuots™ Supplements and Growth Factor Kit contains several vials that may include growth factors, FBS, and antibiotics in pre-measured aliquots - designed to be added to a bottle of basal medium. The concentrations of these factors are...

Do bacteria lead to false positive MycoAlert® Results?

NO - the lysis reagent in the MycoAlert® Assay is not strong enough to lyse bacteria / yeast. Also, the enzymes utilized are not very common in bacteria or yeast – but are universal among the mollicute family. Bacterial contamination is...

Do I need to add antibiotics to your Clonetics Media? What is GA-1000?

For most Clonetics™ Media, gentamicin-amphotericin-B mixture is provided at a final concentration of 30 µg/ml gentamicin and 15 ng/ml amphotericin-B. This antibiotic mixture is provided in a red-capped vial labeled GA-1000.