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What is the maximum height flasks can be for use with Lonza's CytoSMART Device?

In general, when using Lonza's CytoSMART™ Device, the flask needs to be below 4.5 cm in height. Most culture flasks (including T-25, T-75, and T-150 flasks) will be acceptable. For larger flasks, such as T-162 flasks, Corning/Costar T-162 Flasks are...

The Instructions for Thawing Poietics cells recommends adding DNAse I. Do cells need to be cultured using DNAse I? When can I remove DNAse I?

DNAse I is only added to prevent clumping during the initial thawing and wash steps for Poietics™ Cells. Once the cells receive their final wash and are centrifuged, during the final resuspension, cells can be suspended in their regular culture...

Is the CytoSMART Device able to view multiple positions in a multi-well plate?

No, the CytoSMART™ Device has fixed lenses and does not have an automated x,y-state to move a multi-well plate. You can compare culture groups (e.g. control group and treated group) by using multiple CytoSMART™ Systems.

Can I plate cells at a higher initial concentration than the Clonetics and Poietics plating protocol recommends? What is the minimum dilution of DMSO most cells can tolerate?

Lonza's recommended plating density for primary cells is established for two main reasons: 1. To ensure residual DMSO is sufficiently diluted while cells are initially attaching and 2. to allow a maximum number of population doublings per passage....

How can I disinfect the CytoSMART Device?

There are several ways of disinfecting the CytoSMART. The following reagents have been tested without a negative effect on the coating:Ethanol 80%, Bacillol AF, Sterilium Virugard, Isopropanol, Incidin plus (2%), Lysol (5.5% o-Benzyl-p-chlorophenol),...

What is the composition of the L7 hPSC Matrix?

Lonza’s L7™ hPSC Matrix is a xeno-free and defined recombinant protein. Unfortunately, further details regarding the composition of this reagent are proprietary.

What are the dimensions of a the CytoSMART Device?

The CytoSMART is 133mm x 90 mm x 100 mm (LxWxH) or roughly the same footprint as a 96-well plate.

Can I connect multiple CytoSMART Units to one tablet?

No. Each CytoSMART™ Unit comes with a dedicated tablet.

For generating iPSCs from PBMCs it is recommended to do a priming step to enrich the erythroblast population. Why not use T-cell or CD34+ population?

It is not ideal to reprogram T-cells because of pre-existing DNA rearrangements at the V(D)J locus. While CD34+ cells work well for generating iPSCs, they are in very low numbers in the PBMC population. Erythroblasts are in relatively high numbers in...

Does Lonza have references for the CytoSMART Lux 10X?

Yes. CytoSMART™ Lux 10X is being used by several leading hospitals, universities and biopharmaceutical companies. Please contact your local sales representative for additional information or visit our webpage