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My suspension-adapted HEK293 (or CHO) cells tend to clump in culture. How can I avoid this?

Efficient protein production experiments require growth of the host cell in single-cell suspension, something that is sometimes difficult to achieve since most established cell lines retain their adherent growth characteristics. Commercially...

What are SingleQuots Supplements and Growth Factors?

SingleQuots™ Supplements and Growth Factors contain several vials that may include growth factors, FBS, and antibiotics in pre-measured aliquots designed to be added to a bottle of basal medium. The concentrations of these factors are proprietary....

How can I improve Human Hepatocyte viability post Nucleofection on the 96-well Shuttle device?

In addition to proper cell handling and using culture media optimized for long term culturing of hepatocytes (Lonza Basal medium supplemented with BulletKit), we recommend separating the healthy hepatocytes from the dead cells and debris in the...

Do I need to add antibiotics to your Clonetics Media? What is GA-1000?

For most Clonetics™ Media, gentamicin-amphotericin-B mixture is provided at a final concentration of 30 µg/ml gentamicin and 15 ng/ml amphotericin-B. This antibiotic mixture is provided in a red-capped vial labeled GA-1000.

Can I use a medium other than the one you offer to culture Clonetics Cells?

We have an optimized medium for each Clonetics™ Cell type. The cells are grown and tested in their specific medium system. We cannot guarantee cell performance if our recommended medium is not used.

What is the best way to centrifuge Human Hepatocytes prior to Nucleofection?

In order to avoid cell compaction in the pellet and difficulties in cell resuspension, we recommend using round bottom 2 ml vials or 50 ml BD Falcon™ tubes for all centrifugation steps prior to Nucleofection™.

What is the difference between the EGM BulletKit [CC-3124] and the EGM-2 BulletKit [CC-3162]?

The primary difference between the two media types is in the growth factors. The EGM™ BulletKit™ contains: BBE, hEGF, hydrocortisone, FBS, and GA-1000. In the EGM™-2 BulletKit™ we have removed the BBE and replaced it with known growth factors: VEGF,...

What kit sizes are available for the 4D-Nucleofector X Unit?

We offer two different kit sizes for the 100 µl Nucleocuvette™ Format (12 rxn and 24 rxn) and one size for the 20 µl 16-well Nucleocuvette™ Strip Format (32 rxn). Additionally there are volume discounts availble.

When can I start induction studies on Human Hepatocytes transfected with the Nucleofector?

We recommend allowing the transfected hepatocytes to recover in Plating medium for 72 hours post-Nucleofection™. For induction studies (e.g. CYP3A4), the Plating medium is replaced with maintenance medium (William's E without FCS and EGF) and...

What cell numbers can I transfect when using the 4D-Nucleofector System?

The 4D-Nucleofector™ System offers great flexibility in terms of cell numbers.Using the 4D-Nucleofector™ X-Unit it is possible to perform Nucleofection™ in 100 µl and 20 µl Format. The 100 µl Nucleocuvette™ Format is suited for high cell numbers up...