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Your instructions for culturing of Clonetics Cells do not mention centrifuging the cells upon thawing. Won't the DMSO kill the cells?

We have seen on multiple occasions that the effects of centrifugation can be significantly more damaging than the effects of residual DMSO on primary cells. As such, unless specifically noted in the recommended culture protocol, instead of...

What are some of the things I can customize on a precast agarose gel?

Most aspects of a gel can be customized, including: well number, well spacing, well size/volume, tier/row number, gel size, agarose type, agarose concentration, stain, buffer, custom chemical additives, packaging, labels, testing, etc… Tell us your...

I thawed and plated my ampoule of Clonetics Cells yesterday and most of the cells are floating, what happened?

Clonetics™ Cells will not be confluent on day one. After 24 hours, you will see few attached cells per field under the microscope. Aspirate off the media and the floating cells and replace with fresh, pre-warmed media. Those attached cells will...

What are some of the things I can customize in a molecular biology buffer?

Most aspects of a buffer can be customized, including: formulation, pH, packaging size, packaging type, labels, testing, etc… Tell us your needs and we’ll work with you to meet them.

How many mycoplasma species exist, which are the usual suspects in cell culture?

More than 180 species have been identified of which 20 distinct Mycoplasma and Acholeplasma species from human, bovine and swine have been isolated from cell culture. There are 6 species that account for 95% of all mycoplasma infections (M.orale,...

I've had my Clonetics Cells in culture for a few months, they're no longer growing and don't look like healthy cells, what's wrong?

All Clonetics™ Cells are primary cells with a finite life span. Most Clonetics™ Cells are guaranteed for 10 – 15 population doublings, which equates to about 2 – 3 passages. As cell death begins to occur, morphology and cell performance will...

If someone else manufactures and sells a product, can Lonza manufacture the same molecular biology product for me as a custom?

It may be possible. Lonza would first need to evaluate any IP around the product to determine legal feasibility. Certain commercial products may require licenses to use, while other products may be protected by trade secret to prevent anyone from...

Are custom molecular biology products expensive?

Special quotes are issued for all of our custom products. Pricing is depending on the amount ordered and complexity of the product.

Can I do a MycoAlert and MycoAlert Plus Assay in 96-well format?

The current MycoAlert™ Protocol contains a description how to use MycoAlert™ for 96-well format. Actually steps and used volumes do not differ from single tube format. Ideally you would use the 100 test kit a complete 96-well plate.

What is the turnaround time for custom molecular biology orders?

Depending on the complexity of the project and level of customization, initial product lead time can be less than one month. Lead times for subsequent shipments are usually 2 weeks or less.