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Where can I find the expiration dates for the Nucleofector Kit and the Nucleofector Solution?

The expiration dates are located on the outside label of the kit box and on the label of the solution box.

What is the purpose of the 5-bromo-2'-deoxyuridine (BrdU) when culturing rat cardiac myocytes?

BrDU is very efficient at inhibiting the proliferation of fibroblasts which are natively present at the time of isolation. Without the addition of the BrDU, the fibroblasts would overtake the culture.

How many passages can I use the Clonetics and Diseased Cells?

Proliferative capacity is tested through one or more passages (depending on the cell type) for information only and is NOT a specification where a minimum number of doublings must be obtained in order to pass our testing unlike the normal counterpart...

Can an alternate to the 5-bromo-2'-deoxyuridine (BrdU) be used to control the growth of fibroblasts when culturing rat cardiac myocytes?

At this time, we can only recommend the use of BrDU for controlling the growth of fibtoblasts.When developing this product, we tried using cytosine ?-arabino furanoside (CAF) to inhibit fibroblast growth. While CAF successfully inhibited the growth...

Do we know the severity of the asthma or the genotype of the cystic fibrosis donors?

"Generally, information on the severity of asthma is not available. For our diseased cells from donors with cystic fibrosis, we usually have information on the genotype of the donor. Please contact our scientific support department for further...

Can an alternate to the nitrocellulose be used as an extracellular matrix when culturing rat cardiac myocytes?

Lonza’s rat cardiac myocytes can also be cultured on fibronectin or laminin. Nitrocellulose was selected as the recommended substrate for its convenience and ease of use.

Do I need a special media or protocol for culturing the Clonetics and Poietics Diseased Cells?

No, all of our diseased cells are isolated, expanded, and tested in the same media and using the same protocol as the normal counterpart cells.

How long can the rat cardiac myocytes survive in culture?

Lonza has observed these cells up to 59 days in culture and even at that time, the cells displayed beating in syncytium. It is, however, possible that unseen physiological changes may occur to the cells during this time. As these cells are a...

The Sarstedt tubes (Cat. No. 55.478) that you recommend for use with Lucetta have been discontinued. What alternatives tubes can I use?

Alternatively, you may use Sarstedt tubes (Cat. No. 55.476) or BD Falcon Round-Bottom Tubes (Cat. No. 352054). You may also use other tubes which fulfill following specifications: Polystyrene tubes of 75 mm length and up to 12 mm diameter. Tubes...

Can I test cell culture supernatant with ToxiLight and ViaLight?

Yes. Supernatant for ToxiLight™ Assay can be transferred to a luminescence compatible format prior to beginning assay. Supernatant for ViaLight™ Assay can be transferred to a luminescence compatible format only after the cell lysis step has...