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Do I have to apply the same program to each well of the 16-well Nucleocuvette?

No, each well can be addressed separately. So, you may apply up to 16 different programs to one 16-well Nucleocuvette™ Strip.

What is a complete cell and media system?

A complete cell and media system allows the growth, subculture and continued growth om normal human cells in vitro (in cell culture plastic). A Clonetics™ Cell and Media System includes three components: one cryopreserved ampoule or proliferating...

How many 100 µl Nucleocuvettes can be transfected in parallel using the 4D-Nucleofector System?

The 4D-Nucleofector™ X Unit can work with two 100µl Nucleocuvettes™ in parallel. However, the operation software allows defining up to 50 Nucleocuvettes™ per experiment. These cuvettes will be transfected by the system continuously in pairs of two.

What is the difference between a Complete media and a BulletKit media?

With any Lonza product labeled as a “Complete” media, all of the supplements except the brain extract (either Bovine Brain Extract or Bovine Pituitary extract) have been added to the basal media prior to receipt. Upon receipt, the end user most only...

Can I get the 100 µl Nucleocuvettes separately?

No, the 100 µl Nucleocuvettes™ as well as the 16-well Nucleocuvette™ Strips are only available within our 4D-Nucleofector™ Kits.

Do I need to use a gelatin, fibronectin, collagen, or Matrigel coating when culturing my Clonetics Cells?

Most Clonetics™ Cells do not require an extracellular matrix when grown on tissue culture treated plastic – flasks, dishes, well plates (with the exception of hepatocytes, bovine brain microvascular endothelial cells, and the rat/mouse neuronal and...

I have performed used your Cell Line Optimization 4D-Nucleofector Kit and get reasonable results after the initial optimization experiment. Howver I would like to improve viability, what can I do?

We offer a program fine tuning matrix availabe at our Scientific Support Team. Based on your current best program(s) it provides guidelines which further programs to test to either increase viability or efficiency. Please contact Scientific Support...

What kind of custom molecular biology products do you manufacture?

We specialize in precast gels and molecular biology buffers and can customize, to some degree, most of our molecular biology catalog products. Our custom products come in many forms, shapes and sizes.