What antibodies can be used against the GFP produced by pmaxGFP™ and pmaxFP™-Green vectors? What antibodies can be used to detect denatured GFP? What antibodies can be used to detect the RFP expressed by pmaxFP-Red?


Most of the commercial antibodies for GFP do not detect GFP expressed from pmaxGFP or pmaxFP-Green vectors. The origin of the protein expressed by the pmaxGFP control plasmid and pmaxFP-Green is from the green fluorescent protein CopGFP, cloned from copepoda Pontellina plumata (Arthropoda; Crustacea; Maxillopoda; Copepoda). Most commercial antibodies for GFP are designed to react with proteins isolated from other organisms. For example, Clontech`s GFP is from Aequorea victoria (jellyfish), and would not react with antibodies to pmaxGFP or pmaxFP-Green.

Evrogen offers antibodies against the copepod GFP which can be used to detect the GFP expressed by our vectors:

Cat. No. AB513 will recognize denatured protein expressed from both pmaxGFP.

For more information about these antibodies, please visit Evrogen's website under related links. In the US, Evrogen products are available through Axxora, link also in related links.

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