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What donor characteristics are available for the diseased airway cells?

Most Clonetics™ Primary Cells have donor information on the CofA and additional information can be obtained by calling Lonza Scientific Support. This information usually includes age, sex, and race. Additional donor information *MAY be available...

Will the GFAP expression in your Clonetics Normal Human Astrocytes remain the same throughout the culture?

The GFAP expression decreases rapidly with passaging. The results that we give are performed in the 1st passage out of cryo.

What are the key benefits of Lonza's diseased primary airway cells?

Catalogue product availability with no custom isolation expense that gives researchers access to a reliable source of diseased tissue. Cells are QC tested and guaranteed in Clonetics™ Media. Advanced donor information is accessible in most cases....

What medium do we recommend for culturing Natural Killer (NK) cells?

We recommend using LGM-3™ Lymphocyte Growth Medium-3 catalog number CC-3211.

What is a complete cell and media system?

A complete cell and media system allows the growth, subculture and continued growth om normal human cells in vitro (in cell culture plastic). A Clonetics™ Cell and Media System includes three components: one cryopreserved ampoule or proliferating...

What cytokines are recommended for Natural Killer (NK) cell culture?

This varies depending upon the application, but many cited publications indicate using IL-2 for activation and longer term culture.

What is the difference between a Complete media and a BulletKit media?

With any Lonza product labeled as a “Complete” media, all of the supplements except the brain extract (either Bovine Brain Extract or Bovine Pituitary extract) have been added to the basal media prior to receipt. Upon receipt, the end user most only...

What is the function of retinoic acid in the BEGM media? Under what conditions would you use culture NHBE cells without retinoic acid?

In vivo, bronchial epithelial cells differentiate along an abnormal squamous pathway under conditions of retinoid deficiency. The squamous phenotype is characterized by the induction of specific markers such as keratin 13, and the enzymes...

Do your NK cells proliferate in culture?

Publications indicate that IL-2 and IL-21 can stimulate NK cell proliferation in addition to using a human serum supplemented medium.

Do I need to use a gelatin, fibronectin, collagen, or Matrigel coating when culturing my Clonetics Cells?

Most Clonetics™ Cells do not require an extracellular matrix when grown on tissue culture treated plastic – flasks, dishes, well plates (with the exception of hepatocytes, bovine brain microvascular endothelial cells, and the rat/mouse neuronal and...