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What are mycoplasmas?

Mycoplasmas belong to the family Mollicutes, which includes Acholeplasma, Ureaplasma and other species. However the term "Mycoplasma" is most often used as a "cover-all". More than 180 species have been identified of which 20 distinct Mycoplasma and...

Are Lonza's NK cells adherent in culture?

Resting NK cells grow in suspension, however, when IL-2 is added to the culture, they will adhere.

Your instructions for culturing of Clonetics Cells do not mention centrifuging the cells upon thawing. Won't the DMSO kill the cells?

We have seen on multiple occasions that the effects of centrifugation can be significantly more damaging than the effects of residual DMSO on primary cells. As such, unless specifically noted in the recommended culture protocol, instead of...

How often do mycoplasma contaminations occur in cell cultures?

A conservative estimate states that between 15-35% of all continuous cell cultures are contaminated with mycoplasma (Drexler HG, Uphof CC; 2002), some estimates are even higher (up to 80 % in some countries (Koshimizu K, Kotani H; 1981).

I thawed and plated my ampoule of Clonetics Cells yesterday and most of the cells are floating, what happened?

Clonetics™ Cells will not be confluent on day one. After 24 hours, you will see few attached cells per field under the microscope. Aspirate off the media and the floating cells and replace with fresh, pre-warmed media. Those attached cells will...

Can CD14+ monocytes be differentiated into macrophages?

Yes. While Lonza has validated the below protocol in our R&D Department, we do not test every lot of CD14+ monocytes for macrophage differentiation and therefore can not guarantee differentiation of these cells:1. Prepare a culture media by...

I've had my Clonetics Cells in culture for a few months, they're no longer growing and don't look like healthy cells, what's wrong?

All Clonetics™ Cells are primary cells with a finite life span. Most Clonetics™ Cells are guaranteed for 10 – 15 population doublings, which equates to about 2 – 3 passages. As cell death begins to occur, morphology and cell performance will...

Which luminometer is suited for performing the MycoAlert Assay?

With the Lucetta™ Luminometer Lonza offers a perfect match, because this small, portable single tube luminometer is designed with a tailor-made mode for running the MycoAlert™ Assay. Please find attached our list with luminometers we know to be...

Are there positive controls for the MycoAlert Assay?

The MycoAlert™ Assay Control Set (LT07-518) is available separately and includes a lyophilized positive control (1 ml) and assay buffer (2 ml) for reconstitution. The assay buffer also serves as a negative control. The positive and negative controls...

I have downloaded the latest program definition files from the internet for the the 96-well shuttle. How do I install them?

Open the shuttle software. Go to menu point "cell type code " choose import select new pd-file S-EA-2.5 from where it was saved (thumb drive or local drvie) and press OK