Where is the difference between Lonza’s ALI screened airway epithelial cells and the non-screened cells?


All of Lonza’s airway epithelial cells receive standard quality control testing in monolayer culture. After cells have passed Lonza’s initial monolayer quality control testing, a few lots receive additional quality control testing to monitor differentiation on an Air-Liquid Interface (ALI) using Lonza’s ALI differentiation media and protocol. Based on Lonza’s testing and the information received from our customers, Lonza is aware that some lots will differentiate well on an ALI system while other lots will not. The lots which do not pass this additional ALI testing and the lots which have not been tested retain their original catalog number. The lots which do pass this additional ALI testing are electronically designated by adding an “S” to the end of the original catalog number (i.e. a lot of CC-2540 which has been validated for ALI differentiation will have the new catalog number of CC-2540S). This catalog number modification is strictly electronic. As such, while the new catalog number will appear on the Certificate of Analysis and the ordering paperwork, the ampoule of cells will retain the original catalog number. Cells which have received and passed the additional ALI testing are also guaranteed to the same specifications as the non-screened cells if cultured in monolayer culture. Cells with the original catalog number (not ending in “S”) might be able to be differentiated on an ALI, but Lonza would make no guarantees for ALI differentiation of these cells as they either had not been screened for ALI differentiation or had been screened for ALI differentiation and failed.

Lonza does not provide information on which lots of the original catalog number products have not been tested for ALI differentiation and which lots had failed ALI differentiation testing. Lonza offers both bronchial/tracheal epithelial cells (both diseased and non-diseased) and small airway epithelial cells (both diseased and non-diseased) which have been screened and validated for ALI differentiation. Please contact Scientific Support for more information on products and availability.

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