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Do you offer on-site maintencance services for the 4D-Nucleofector Core, X, Y or LV Unit? 

No, currently we can only offer in-house maintenance services, but we are working on a process for on-site services.

Do you have any instructions for performing a trypan blue stain?

Yes. Please click on the link under related literature.

 What are the main differences between Earle's BSS and Hank's BSS? 

A balanced salt solution (BSS) is a solution made to a physiological pH and salt concentration.  Solutions most commonly include sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and chloride.   Balanced salt solutions are used for washing...

What is HEPES? 

HEPES (4-(2-hydroxyethyl)-1-piperazineethanesulfonic acid ) is a zwitterionic organic chemical buffering agent; one of the twelve Good's buffers. HEPES is widely used in cell culture, largely because it is better at maintaining physiological pH...

What is the purpose of EDTA in trypsin? 

EDTA is needed with trypsin because it helps bind up the divalent cations in the medium.  Like calcium and magnesium.  Helps to keep the cells from sticking to each other.  If its not there….you would need a higher concentration of...

I am using the acute leukemia HL-60 cell line for CAR-T cells experiments. Do you have a transfection protocol for genome editing?

The HL-60 cells are often used as a model for in vitro research for treatment of AML (acute myeloid leukemia) in combination with modified primary human CAR- T cells (T cells expressing chimeric antigen receptors).Transfection protocols can be found...

Do you have any tips for the culture of primary cells or cell line prior to transfection?

Yes. Please see our Techincal Reference Guide which contains many helpful tips.

I want to stimulate Human T cells post Nucleofection. Are there any precautions to keep in mind?

After Nucleofection™, wait at least four hours before stimulation. Stimulating immediately after Nucleofection™ may lead to increased cell mortality and poor activation of cells. For more details on the stimulation of Human T cells post...

Is it possible to get neomycin resistant clones after Nucleofection with pmaxGFP?

The pmaxGFP control DNA is not suitable for making stable clones because it lacks a selectable marker for mammalian cells. The kanamycin resistance expressed by this plasmid is only suitable for bacterial selection.

Where can I find the expiration dates for the Nucleofector Kit and the Nucleofector Solution?

The expiration dates are located on the outside label of the kit box and on the label of the solution box.