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What growth factor is pertinent in chondrogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells?

TGF-B3 has worked best in our hands so that is what we recommend.

Why are there two types of media included in PT-3004 hMSC Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Adipogenic Differentiation Medium BulletKit?

We include the maintenance media as well as the induction media because the cells require periods of rest in order to build up fat properly.

What are useful methods to enrich/purify specific hematopoetic cell populations before Nucleofection?

Specific blood cell populations can be enriched/purified for Nucleofection™ by MACS™ selection Kits (Miltenyi Biotec GmbH), RosetteSep™ Kits (StemCell Technologies Inc.) or Dynal™ beads (Invitrogen Corporation).

Is there an advantage of the MACS Selection Kit (Miltenyi Biotec GmbH) compared to the RosetteSep Kit (StemCell Technologies Inc)?

The RosetteSep Kit is less expensive than the MACS Selection Kit. The MACS Selection Kit results in a higher purification (up to 97-98%) of the specific cell population.

Should any type of extracellular matrix be used when growing undifferentiated hMSC's (human mesenchymal stem cells)?

That will depend on the type of medium used. If you are using our MSCGM™ BulletKit™ PT-3001, we do not recommend using a matrix with the cells as it might induce differentiation and make the cells difficult to detach from the culture vessel. If you...

What is the function of retinoic acid in the BEGM media? Under what conditions would you use culture NHBE cells without retinoic acid?

In vivo, bronchial epithelial cells differentiate along an abnormal squamous pathway under conditions of retinoid deficiency. The squamous phenotype is characterized by the induction of specific markers such as keratin 13, and the enzymes...

What is the shelf-life for all the media associated with Human mesenchymal stem cells?

The shelf-life of the MSCGM Mesenchymal Stem Cells Growth Medium (PT-3001) once the SingleQuots are added is 30 days. For the differentiation kits (PT-3002, PT-3003, PT-3004), its 14 days. This is the shelf life after the growth factors have been...

Do you recommend a specific purification method for the selected hematopoetic cell population before Nucleofection?

For obtaining highly purified cell populations, we always recommend using the MACS™ Selection Kit (Miltenyi Biotec GMbH).

What are mycoplasmas?

Mycoplasmas belong to the family Mollicutes, which includes Acholeplasma, Ureaplasma and other species. However the term "Mycoplasma" is most often used as a "cover-all". More than 180 species have been identified of which 20 distinct Mycoplasma and...