Do you have a protocol for the Nucleofection™ of Plasmodium berghei?


Yes. You can use our new Basic Parasite Nucleofector™ Starter kit for parasitic protozoa. The Basic Parasite Nucleofector Starter Kit (Cat.No. VMI-1001) should help you to determine the optimal program and Nucleofector™ Solution for your parasite-of-interest before using either Basic Parasite Nucleofector Kit 1 or 2. We have excellent data for the Nucleofection™ of Plasmodium berghei from the group Chris J. Janse and Andrew P. Waters from the University of Leiden. Their protocol describes a transfection efficiency of 10-3 – 10-4. With this protocol you can get more than 100 fold higher transfection efficiency compared to conventional electroporation, shorten the time period of selection and reduce the number of animals used for this research. The complete detailed protocol is published online at Nature Protocols. This full text online version also contains 2 movies about the Nucleofection™ of parasites: High-efficiency transfection and drug selection of genetically transformed blood stages of the rodent malaria parasite Plasmodium berghei Authors: Janse CJ, Ramesar J and Waters AP In: Nat Protocols (2006) 1(1): 346-356

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