What can I do when there is no optimized protocol available for my cell of interest?


Lonza is constantly developing new optimized kits and protocols for an increasing number of primary cells and cell lines. In order to obtain the latest information, check our website or contact our Scientific Support Team.

We are offering Primary Cell Optimization Kits as well as Cell Line Optimization Kits for the Nucleofector™ 2b Device, 4D Nucleofector™, X and Y-Unit and LV-Unit, 96-well Shuttle™ and 384-well Nucleofector™ System. These kits enables a rapid and simple determination of the optimal Nucleofection™ Conditions for your cell type of interest, including those difficult-to-transfect. For potential suggestions regarding your cell of interest or for further help in optimizing your cell type, please click on the URL's under Related Literature.