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Can mycoplasma grow in the absence of cells?

There is evidence to suggest that mycoplasma can survive in the absence of cells, some may even proliferate, but as a rule they are much more viable if cells are present. We have demonstrated that the MycoAlert™ Kit will detect mycoplasma...

Is it possible to store reconstituted MycoAlert/MycoAlert PLUS Reagent and Substrate?

For optimal assay conditions, reconstituted reagent and substrate should be used fresh within 2 hours after reconstitution. During this time they can be kept at room temperature. For the MycoAlert™ Kit : Unused, reconstituted components can be...

Should any type of extracellular matrix be used when growing undifferentiated hMSC's (human mesenchymal stem cells)?

That will depend on the type of medium used. If you are using our MSCGM BulletKit PT-3001, we do not recommend using a matrix with the cells as it might induce differentiation and make the cells difficult to detach from the culture vessel. If you are...

What type of sample do I need for the MycoALert Assay? Can it be stored?

The MycoAlert™ Assay requires the use of cell free supernatant only! Ideally you should sample your cell cultures and test immediately. If needed you can store the supernatant at room temperature for 8 hours, 2°C-8°C for 1 week. The MycoAlert™...

What is the shelf-life for all the media associated with Human mesenchymal stem cells?

The shelf-life of the MSCGM Mesenchymal Stem Cells Growth Medium (PT-3001) once the SingleQuots are added is 30 days. For the differentiation kits (PT-3002, PT-3003, PT-3004), its 14 days. This is the shelf life after the growth factors have been...

How much sample do you need for accurate results with MycoAlert Assay? Do you need cells or just supernatant?

The standard protocol calls for taking 2 ml of culture media, spinning down any cells and removing 100 µl of supernatant. Smaller initial aliquots of media may be taken to start with if necessary.

What is the difference between the different cell sources (bone marrow, cord blood, or fetal liver) for CD34+ cells?

Bone Marrow: provides a hematopoietic microenvironment and the highest number of different donors Cord Blood: more naive cells useful in transplant and stem cell research Fetal Liver: best for developmental studies and they are highly...

Is it possible to quantify the mycoplasma with the MycoAlert Assay?

No, the MycoAlert™ Assay is not quantitative; it has been designed to give a simple Yes or No answer, pertaining to the presence of Mycoplasma.

What are your hMSCs PT-2501 cryopreserved in?

85% MSCBM 10% DMSO 5% Human Serum Albumin (w/v)

When performing the MycoAlert Assay, why is it necessary to spin out the cells?

It is highly recommended that the samples are spun down prior to testing. If cells are present in the assay they will contribute to the initial reading producing a higher background. This in turn can decrease the difference between the background and...