TheraPEAK™ MSCGM-CD™ Mesenchymal Stem Cell Growth Medium, Serum-free (with L-glutamine, without phenol red and antibiotics).

TheraPEAK™MSCGM-CD™ is a serum free medium for the growth of human Mesenchymal Stem Cells. MSCGM-CD™ is optimized for the multiple passage expansion of all types of hMSCs while still allowing for differentiation into the several desired lineages. Cells can be directly transitioned from serum-containing medium to MSCGM-CD™ with little to no adaptation time. For peak performance, it is recommended to use MSCGM-CD™ with Fibronectin coated plates

Shelf Life:
0 months
Serum-free and Speciality Media
Research Areas:
Stem Cells
Regenerative medicine