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Endothelial, MV lung, human (HMVEC-L)

Endothelial cells line the inside surface of blood vessels, heart, lymphatic vessels, body cavities and other organs, of normal human tissue.Small vessel endothelial cells are isolated from lung microvascular tissue.


retinal precursor

Neural stem cell (NSC), rat

Stem cells derived from brain of rat embryo and cultured as neurospheres or adherently on fibronectin-coated plates.

CD34+ cell, human

Hematopoetic stem cells isolated from peripheral blood, bone marrow, cord blood or fetal liver.CD34 is a known marker for hematopoietic progenitor cells. As these cells mature and differentiate, CD34 expression is lost.

Cardiomyocyte (R-CM), rat

Neonatal heart muscle cells


murine B cell leukemia

Natural killer Cells (NK), human

Specialized periphal blood lymphocytes that recognize and destroy foreign cells or infected host cells in a nonspecific manner.Natural killer (NK) cells are lymphocytes of the immune system that are critical in host defense and immune regulation....


B cell lymphoma

Chondrocyte, human (NHAC-kn)

Articular cartilage cells, obtained post mortem.Chondrocytes produce and maintain extracellular cartilage matrix. Cartilage provides joint cushioning and facilitates joint articulation.

Epithelial, bronchial (NHBE), human

Human bronchial/tracheal epithelial cells isolated from the epithelial cells that line the airway above the bifurcation of the lungs.