eCHO™ Medium and Feed

eCHO™ Basal Medium and Feed is a chemically defined, hydrolysate-free, serum-free, and non-animal origin medium for supporting high-density CHO cells in suspension.

Improved cell growth and protein yield are achieved when adding the eCHO™ Feed. The eCHO™ Medium is compatible with batch and fed-batch culture.
eCHO™ Medium is available in powder and liquid formats. The powder consists of only one component for the eCHO™ Basal Medium and one for the eCHO™ Feed for minimal preparation time. 

BEBP12-933Q    eCHO™ Basal Medium, Liquid, 1 L
BE15-933D         eCHO™ Basal Medium, Powder, 10 L
BE15-933F         eCHO™ Basal Medium, Powder, 50 L
BE15-932D         eCHO™ Feed, Powder, 10 L
BE15-932F         eCHO™ Feed, Powder, 50 L

Serum-free and Speciality Media