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Mammary epithelial cell line

BCL1 clone 5B1b

BCL1 clone, leukemia; lymphoma, lymphoblast


human T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)

CD133+, human

CD133+ are subset of CD34+ (hematopoetic stem cells isolated from peripheral blood, bone marrow, cord blood or fetal liver.)


Mouse Lymphoma cell line. Derived from a thymic tumour induced in a DBA/2 mouse by methylcholanthrene.


Gonadotropes are cells in the anterior pituitary which produce the gonadotropins luteinizing hormone or follicle-stimulating hormone. LbT2 expresses FSH & many other gonadotrope markers.

HMy2.CIR (C1R)

Also called: C1R or HMy2.C1R. This cell line was derived from the HMy.2 B lymphoblastoid cell line, a fast growing mutant of the ARH-77 cell line, by gamma irradiation and selection for loss of HLA class I antigen expression.

Perkinsus marinus

A facultative intracellular parasite that causes â??Dermoâ? disease in the eastern oysters (Crassostrea virginica).

Babesia bovis

A tick-borne protozoan parasite that infects cattle in tropical and sub tropical regions

Epithelial model, cornea, human, immort.

A three-dimensional model of the human corneal epithelium. The model consists of human corneal epithelial cells cultured on permeable membrane supports. Cells are immortalized by infection with an amphotropic recombinant retrovirus containing HPV-16...