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Epithelial, renal, human (HRE)

Also called Human kidney epithelial cells (HKEC)Primary epithelial cells isolated from human kidney.

Embryonic Stem Cell (ES), human

Pluripotent stem cells derived from human blastocyst

Epithelial, mammary, mouse

Primary epithelial cells isolated from mouse breast

Renal proximal tubule cells (RPTEC), human

RPTEC cells recover essential non-waste blood products from the passing filtrate and returns them to the circulation, produce vitamins or vitamin precursors, sense infectious and inflammatory components and release cytokines

Epithelial, lung type II, human

Type II lung epithelial cells are cuboidal and occupy only 5% of surface area (type I are squamous and occupy 95%). They produce, secrete and recycle lung surfactant; and can be converted to type I cells to repair damaged epithelium.


Lymphoma, follicular, B cell

Keratinocyte, (NHEK-neo) human neonatal

Primary keratinocyte.Keratinocytes derived from human neonatal foreskins.

Melanocyte, (NHEM-Ad), human adult

Pigment producing epidermal cells, derived from adult skin tissue


pituitary tumor

HCT 116

colorectal carcinoma cell line, epithelial