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Keratinocyte, (NHEK-neo) human neonatal

Primary keratinocyte.Keratinocytes derived from human neonatal foreskins.

Melanocyte, (NHEM-Ad), human adult

Pigment producing epidermal cells, derived from adult skin tissue


pituitary tumor


lymphoblast, established from long-term bone marrow cultures of C3H/HeJ mice infected with the Friend murine leukemia virus. Morphology: mostly round cells growing singly or in small clusters in suspension, some cells are loosely adherent.

HCT 116

colorectal carcinoma cell line, epithelial

RAW 264.7

Macrophage cell line established from a tumor induced by Abelson murine leukemia virus in male adult BALB/c mouse.


Human lung carcinoma established from an explanted lung tumor which was removed from a 58-year-old Caucasian man (Giard DJ , et al. J. Natl. Cancer Inst. (1973) 51: 1417-1423).


myoblast cell line, with fibroblast-like morphology

U-2 OS

Osteosarcome (originally called 2T) derived from a moderately differentiated sarcoma of the tibia of a 15 year old human female (Ponten and Saksela (1967) Int. J. Cancer 2: 434-447).

3T3-L1 pre-ad

Pre-adipocyte substrain of 3T3 (Swiss albino) developed through clonal isolation. Cells undergo a conversion to adipose-like cells as they progress from a rapidly dividing to a confluent and contact inhibited state. (Green & Meuth (1974) Cell 3:...