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human EBV-transformed normal B cell lymphoblastoid line

Osteoblast, (NHOst) human

Osteoblasts produce bone matrix and prime it for mineralization.  Human osteoblasts are sourced from spongy bone tissue.

Prostate stromal cells (PrSC) human

Cells isolated from the stroma of the human prostate.

Hs 578T

mammary carcinoma

SMC, prostate, (PrSMC) human

Prostate cells provide a glandular function in the body by generating fluid which serves several functions in reproduction.

Trophoblast, human

Cells derived from the wall of the blastocyst. After implantation trophoblast divides into two layers, the chorion and the placenta.

Epithelial, Small Airway, human (SAEC)

Human small airway epithelial cells isolated from the distal portion of the lung in the 1 mm bronchiole area

Endothelial, MV dermal, human neo

Human Dermal Microvascular Endothelial Cells from neonatal donor (HMVEC-d Neo). Endothelial cells from the inside surface of blood vessels, heart, lymphatic vessels, body cavities and other organs, of normal human tissue. Small vessel...