Precursor and mature NGF live tracking: one versus many at a time in the axons.

De Nadai T, Marchetti L, Di Rienzo C, Calvello M, Signore G3, Di Matteo P, Gobbo F, Turturro S, Meucci S, Viegi A, Beltram F, Luin S, Cattaneo A
Source: Scientific Reports
Publication Date: (2016)
Issue: 1(6): ePub
Research Area:
Basic Research
Cells used in publication:
Species: rat
Tissue Origin: adrenal
Dorsal root gang. (DRG), rat
Species: rat
Tissue Origin: brain
Species: human
Tissue Origin: bone marrow
The classical view of nerve growth factor (NGF) action in the nervous system is linked to its retrograde axonal transport. However, almost nothing is known on the trafficking properties of its unprocessed precursor proNGF, characterized by different and generally opposite biological functions with respect to its mature counterpart. Here we developed a strategy to fluorolabel both purified precursor and mature neurotrophins (NTs) with a controlled stoichiometry and insertion site. Using a single particle tracking approach, we characterized the axonal transport of proNGF versus mature NGF in living dorsal root ganglion neurons grown in compartmentalized microfluidic devices. We demonstrate that proNGF is retrogradely transported as NGF, but with a lower flux and a different distribution of numbers of neurotrophins per vesicle. Moreover, exploiting a dual-color labelling technique, we analysed the transport of both NT forms when simultaneously administered to the axon tips.