Human mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow express tumor endothelial and stromal markers

Bagley RG, Weber W, Rouleau C, Yao M, Honma N, Kataoka S, Ishida I, Roberts BL, Teicher BA.
Source: Int J Oncol.
Publication Date: (2009)
Issue: 34(3): 619-27
Research Area:
Basic Research
Cells used in publication:
Mesenchymal stem cell (MSC), human
Species: human
Tissue Origin: bone marrow
Tumor development is a complex and dynamic process that involves malignant, vascular, and stromal cells. Endosialin is a tumor endothelial marker (TEM) present in the microvasculature and stroma of human tumors. Cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAF) have been implicated in promoting tumor development and have been associated with mesenchymal stem cells (MSC). Since stem/progenitor cells recruited either from bone marrow or residing in nearby tissues can contribute to pathological processes we investigated endosialin in MSC using a novel monoclonal antibody. Endosialin is highly expressed by CAF and human bone marrow-derived MSC. MSC can form networks in a tube formation assay that is inhibited by an anti-endosialin antibody. Immunohistochemistry for human endosialin in xenograft tumors following co-injection of MSC and cancer cells identified MSC in tumor stroma. MSC are a potential target for anticancer therapeutic intervention and endosialin expression offers a new tool for the identification of MSC. Endosialin expression by both CAF and MSC further implies the potential contribution of MSC to tumor stroma via differentiation into tumor stromal fibroblasts.