alpha3beta1 integrin modulates neuronal migration and placement during early stages of cerebral cortical development

Schmid RS, Shelton S, Stanco A, Yokota Y, Kreidberg JA and Anton ES
Source: Development
Publication Date: (2004)
Issue: 131(24): 6023-6031
Research Area:
Cells used in publication:
Neuron, cortical, mouse
Species: mouse
Tissue Origin: brain
Nucleofector® I/II/2b
We show that alpha3 integrin mutation disrupts distinct aspects of neuronal migration and placement in the cerebral cortex. The preplate develops normally in alpha3 integrin mutant mice. However, time lapse imaging of migrating neurons in embryonic cortical slices indicates retarded radial and tangential migration of neurons, but not ventricular zone-directed migration. Examination of the actin cytoskeleton of alpha3 integrin mutant cortical cells reveals aberrant actin cytoskeletal dynamics at the leading edges. Deficits are also evident in the ability of developing neurons to probe their cellular environment with filopodial and lamellipodial activity. Calbindin or calretinin positive upper layer neurons as well as the deep layer neurons of alpha3 integrin mutant mice expressing EGFP were misplaced. These results suggest that alpha3beta1 integrin deficiency impairs distinct patterns of neuronal migration and placement through dysregulated actin dynamics and defective ability to search and respond to migration modulating cues in the developing cortex.