Bad plays a more significant role than Bid and Bim in mediating cell death signals in batch cultures of HEK 293 cells

Padmanabhan A, Liu S, Song Z
Source: Biotechnol Lett
Publication Date: (2008)
Issue: 30(5): 819-27
Research Area:
Cancer Research/Cell Biology
Cells used in publication:
Species: human
Tissue Origin: kidney
Nucleofectorâ„¢ I/II/2b
The expression of three BH3-only proteins, Bad, Bid and Bim, were knocked down in HEK 293 cells using vectors that express corresponding siRNAs. When cultured in the presence of 10% (v/v) serum and a diminished glucose/nutrients environment, cells lacking any one of these BH3-only proteins showed delayed cell death compared to wild type cells. Remarkably, the culture life of Bad (-) cells was extended for an additional 5 days compared to WT HEK 293 cells. In the absence of serum, the suppression of either Bad, Bim or Bid expression delayed cell death under several stress conditions. Results presented in this paper offer an insight into the functions of BH3-only proteins in mediating the death signals under different stress conditions.