Cytokine induced killer, human (CIK)

Non-major histocompatibility complex-restricted cytotoxic cells. Cells with the greatest effector function in CIK cultures coexpress CD3 and CD56 surface molecules.

Cell Type:
T Cell
Tissue Origin:
Research Area:
Immunotherapy / Hematology
Cell Characteristics:

Recommended Media

X-VIVO Serum-free Hematopoietic Cell Media provide nutritionally complete and balanced environments for a variety of cells including lymphokine activated killer (LAK) cells, peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL), and tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL).These media do not contain any exogenous growth factors, artificial stimulators of cellular proliferation, or undefined supplements. They are devoid of any protein kinase C stimulators and are suitable for the investigation of second messenger systems in the activation of human and murine lymphocytes.

There are three versions of this media:

  • X-VIVO 10  - designed to support the generation of LAK cells in a serum-free environment.
  • X-VIVO 15 - similar in composition to X-VIVO 10 but optimized for the proliferation of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) under serum-free conditions. It also supports the proliferation of purified CD3+ cells isolated from peripheral blood and human tumors, and can be used to support the growth of human monocytes, macrophage cells and cell lines, PBL, granulocytes, and natural killer (NK) cells as well as the expansion of HUT-78 and related human lymphocytic cell lines.
  • X-VIVO 20 - optimized to support the generation of lymphokine activated killer (LAK) cells from monocyte depleted peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL) at high density and has also been used as a growth medium for PBL and tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL).

Storage = 2ºC to 8ºC

04-380Q - X-VIVO 10 with L-glutamine, gentamicin and phenol red
04-743Q - X-VIVO 10 with L-glutamine, but without gentamicin or phenol red
04-418 - X-VIVO 15  with L-glutamine, gentamicin and phenol red
04-744Q - X-VIVO 15 with L-glutamine, but without gentamicin or phenol red
04-448Q - X-VIVO 20  with L-glutamine, gentamicin and phenol red

Transfection Information

Lonza Optimized Protocol
Optimization Guideline
The table below shows data for the cell type and Nucleofector™ Platform selected. Those data are either based on Lonza Optimized Protocols or on results shared from customers who performed an optimization based on our guidelines. In case no data are shown for the selected Nucleofector™ Platform, please take a look at our optimization strategy to get further guidance on how to easily determine optimal Nucleofection conditions yourself.
Protocol Kit Program Cells Efficiency Viable Cells Substrate Format Platform
T cell, human U-014 3e6 25-60% 60-70% Plasmid (general) 5 µg 100 µl I/II/2b


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Serum-free and Speciality Media 
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