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Caveolin-1 expression is critical for vascular endothelial growth factor-induced ischemic hindlimb collateralization and nitric oxide-mediated angiogenesis

Nitric oxide (NO) is a powerful angiogenic mediator acting downstream of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). Both the endothelial NO synthase (eNOS) and the VEGFR-2 receptor colocalize in caveolae. Because the structural protein of these...
Authors: Sonveaux P, Martinive P, DeWever J, Batova Z, Daneau G, Pelat M, Ghisdal P, Gregoire V, Dessy C,...

Fzo1, a protein involved in mitochondrial fusion, inhibits apoptosis

Mitochondrial morphology and physiology are regulated by the processes of fusion and fission. Some forms of apoptosis are reported to be associated with mitochondrial fragmentation. We showed that overexpression of Fzo1A/B (rat) proteins involved in...
Authors: Sugioka R, Shimizu S and Tsujimoto Y

Mammalian Fat1 cadherin regulates actin dynamics and cell-cell contact

Fat cadherins form a distinct subfamily of the cadherin gene superfamily, and are featured by their unusually large extracellular domain. In this work, we investigated the function of a mammalian Fat cadherin. Fat1 was localized at filopodial tips,...
Authors: Tanoue T and Takeichi M

Regulation of activation-induced Fas (CD95/Apo-1) ligand expression in T cells by the cyclin B1/Cdk1 complex

Fas (CD95/Apo-1) ligand-mediated apoptosis has been recognized as an important mechanism of cell-mediated cytotoxicity and maintenance of immune homeostasis. Chronically activated T cells undergo activation-induced cell death (AICD), which depends on...
Authors: Torgler R, Jakob S, Ontsouka E, Nachbur U, Mueller C, Green DR and Brunner T

Par6alpha signaling controls glial-guided neuronal migration

Neuronal migrations along glial fibers provide a primary pathway for the formation of cortical laminae. To examine the mechanisms underlying glial-guided migration, we analyzed the dynamics of cytoskeletal and signaling components in living neurons....
Authors: Solecki DJ, Model L, Gaetz J, Kapoor TM and Hatten ME

Involvement of caspase-4 in endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced apoptosis and A-induced cell death

Recent studies have suggested that neuronal death in Alzheimer's disease or ischemia could arise from dysfunction of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). Although caspase-12 has been implicated in ER stress-induced apoptosis and amyloid-beta...
Authors: Hitomi J, Katayama T, Eguchi Y, Kudo T, Taniguchi M, Koyama Y, Manabe T, Yamagishi S, Bando Y,...

CD200R family members represent novel DAP12-associated activating receptors on basophils and mast cells

Modulation by balancing activating and inhibitory receptors constitutes an important mechanism for regulating lymphocyte and myeloid cell effector responses. Using a microarray screen during parasitic helminth infection, we identified CD200...
Authors: Voehringer D, Rosen DB, Lanier LL and Locksley RM

Rab3D and annexin A2 play a role in regulated secretion of vWF, but not tPA, from endothelial cells

von-Willebrand factor (vWF) and tissue-type plasminogen activator (tPA) are products of endothelial cells acutely released into the vasculature following cell activation. Both factors are secreted after intraendothelial Ca(2+) mobilization, but...
Authors: Knop M, Aareskjold E, Bode G and Gerke V

Ndel1 Operates in a Common Pathway with LIS1 and Cytoplasmic Dynein to Regulate Cortical Neuronal Positioning

Correct neuronal migration and positioning during cortical development are essential for proper brain function. Mutations of the LIS1 gene result in human lissencephaly (smooth brain), which features misplaced cortical neurons and disarrayed cerebral...
Authors: Shu T, Ayala R, Nguyen MD, Xie Z, Gleeson JG and Tsai LH

A caspase-8-independent signaling pathway activated by Fas ligation leads to exposure of the Bak N terminus

Bak is a pro-apoptotic member of the Bcl-2 family that is activated by apoptotic stimulation: its activation is characterized by conformational changes such as exposure of the N terminus and oligomerization. In death receptor-mediated apoptosis, the...
Authors: Zhang L, Shimizu S, Sakamaki K, Yonehara S and Tsujimoto Y