Keratinocyte Growth Medium - Chemically Defined

KGM-CD Chemically Defined Keratinocyte Growth Medium was designed as a serum-free, non-animal origin, chemically defined cell culture medium to support the isolation, growth and proliferation of primary human keratinocytes in culture. It is the only medium of its kind on the market today and can be used for a variety of applications associated with skin research, wound healing and dermal disorders.

Note: Coating plates with fibronectin or other non-animal derived matrix material is necessary for successful keratinocyte isolations with KGM-CD medium.

Note: Antibiotics are not included with the SingleQuots Kit (CC-4456) and must be purchased separately.

Shelf Life:
9 months
Primary Cells and Media
Research Areas:
Cancer Research/Cell Biology
Dermatology/Tissue Engineering
Regenerative medicine