ProDoma™ Serum-free Hybridoma Media have been developed for cultivation of murine, human, and chimeric hybridomas. ProDoma™ Media are protein-free with a low amount of human recombinant insulin.
All ProDoma™ Media include HEPES as well as sodium bicarbonate in the formulation.

ProDOMA™ 1 is protein-free, non-animal origin, and chemically defined.
ProDOMA™ 3 is a protein-free and non-animal origin product.

ProDOMA™ media contain 0.1% Pluronic® F-68 and doe not contain phenol red or L-glutamine.

Storage = 2°C to 8°C in the dark. Opened bottles should be used rapidly.

Shelf Life:
24 months
Recommended for Cells: