Minimal Essenial Medium - Eagle

MEM Eagle (also called EMEM) was developed in 1959 for cultivation of HeLa and L cells. Amino acid concentrations conform closely to the protein composition of human cells. Higher concentrations of nutrients permit longer periods between feedings. EMEM has vitamin concentrations 2-5X greater than BME and higher amino acid concentrations than BME. EMEM is suitable for culturing a broad spectrum of mammalian cells.

MEM Eagle is available with Hanks' or Earle's salts.
MEM-Hanks (12-127F or 12-137F) does not a require CO2 enriched atmosphere. 
Joklik's modification is intended for suspension culture.

Storage = 2ºC to 8ºC
                (or 15-30ºC for products 12-125, 12-136, 12-684, 12-668, 12-127 and 12-137)

MEM Eagle is available in several variations:
 - with Earle's BSS
12-611 - with L-glutamine
12-125 - without L-glutamine
12-622 - with non-essential amino acids (NEAA), and sodium pyruvate, without L-glutamine
12-136 - with L-glutamine and HEPES
12-736 - with L-glutamine, HEPES, NEAA, gentamycin, pen/strep, ampB and 2% FBS
12-684 - 10x media without sodium bicarbonate or L-glutamine
12-668 - 2x media without L-glutamine or phenol red (virus plaquing medium)
06-174 - without calcium, with NEAA and L-glutamine

- with Hank's BSS
12-127 - without L-glutamine
12-137 - with HEPES, without L-glutamine

- Joklik's Formulation

Shelf Life:
24 months
Recommended for Cells:
Classical Media and Reagents