L-15 (Leibovitz) 2X

L-15 (Leibovitz) Medium was developed (1963) for fast growing tumor cells and was formulated for use without CO2 enriched atmosphere. Its unique features include: free base forms of arginine, cysteine and histidine; high concentration of tyrosine; galactose used instead of glucose and no sodium bicarbonate.
L-15 is used to grow cell lines in the absence of CO2 enriched atmosphere.  The bicarbonate-free medium is buffered with elevated levels of amino acids.

This formulation is twice the normal concentration (except L-tyrosine (1X)), without Lglutamine or phenol red.
(Typically used for Virus Plaquing Medium)

Storage = 2ºC to 8ºC

Shelf Life:
18 months
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