When storing my Lonza Bacterial Endotoxin Test (BET), LAL or PyroGene™ Recombinant Factor (rFC), endotoxin detection kit the temperature of my refrigerator/freezer has been out of range. Are my reagents ok to use?

The normal storage temperature for LAL products is 2-8°C. The improper storage of the product for a short period of time should not cause a problem with the performance of the kit as long as the components have not been reconstituted. Lyophilized components are very stable, but you should discard any reconstituted reagents. We recommend performing an initial qualification assay to confirm that the reagents still meet the performance characteristics required by the FDA. The PyroGene rFC assay kit must be stored at 2 - 8 C. Failure to maintain the proper storage conditions could and will damage the reagents, cause them to not function properly and shorten the projected shelf life of the reagents. PyroGene reagents that have not been stored properly may need to be discarded.
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