What happens if I load too much or too little sample on the FlashGel™ Cassette?

The FlashGel™ System is very flexible. It is best to experiment with the system and adjust the levels to optimize your results. Optimal DNA load levels are 5-20 ng per band in a 5 µl load. DNA fragments = 5 ng are visible on the FlashGel™ Dock; fragments as low as 0.10 ng per band are detectable on images. DNA concentrations of >20 ng per band may result in distortion when viewed on the FlashGel™ Dock. For purposes of recovery, heavy amounts of DNA should not cause issues as long as desired fragment is clearly distinct from adjacent bands in sample. Optimal RNA load levels will depend upon the sample; 10 ng per band are detectable on FlashGel™ RNA Cassettes.
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