Do you have a protocol for the Nucleofection™ of Plasmodium yoelii?


Yes. You can use our new Basic Parasite Nucleofector™ Starter kit for parasitic protozoa. The Basic Parasite Nucleofector Starter Kit (Cat.No. VMI-1001) should help you to determine the optimal program and Nucleofector Solution for your parasite-of-interest before using either Basic Parasite Nucleofector Kit 1 or 2. We have excellent data for Plasmodium yoelii published in Molecular And Biochemical Parasitology. Details of the Nucleofection™ procedure are described in: Improved transfection and new selectable markers for the rodent malaria parasite Plasmodium yoelii. Authors: Jongco AM, Ting LM, Thathy V, Mota MM, Kim K. In: Mol Biochem Parasitol (2006) 146(2): 242-250

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