PyroTec Pro: Can you run different samples (different treatment, dilution etc.) on one plate?


The system can accommodate a variety of samples on one plate with different dilutions applied to each sample. The system will apply whatever LAL reagent water dilutions are assigned to each sample on the WinKQCL™ Software-generated endotoxin template. Each product (i.e. sample) defined in the WinKQCL™ Software Database is configurable in the automation module software to use a specific liquid class, which determines the pipetting parameters to be applied (different liquid classes for aqueous, viscous, foamy, etc). When a new sample in the WinKQCL™ Software Database is detected by the automation software, it is initially assigned a default liquid class, but a different liquid class can be assigned by the user if necessary. The automation software is also able to handle auxiliary dilutions such as beta glucan blocker (P/N N190) and Tris buffer(P/N S50-642). Auxiliary dilutions are configurable per sample. The order in which the auxiliary dilutions are to be applied also is configurable. In addition, the reagent water itself can be configured as an auxiliary dilution if necessary.

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