Do we have to test the product alone to see if it enhances or inhibits the bioluminescence signal? How can we do to determine the suitability of our products for testing with the ViaLight system?


If you are worried that your product could contribute to the assay if you can add this to 100ul broth and conduct the assay as normal i.e. add 100ul of Bactolyse, wait 5 min and then add 20ul of AMR taking and immediate 1s integrated reading then this should indicate whether this contribution to the RLU’s is significant as compared to broth alone. If you are concerned about the quenching of the signal by the product this can be checked by running the assay with ATP standard (available from LumiTech/ BioWhittaker) in which case you will need to add ATP (1uM) to each well in 100ul of broth in the presence of your product. Conduct the assay as above and any quenching of the signal should be seen as a decrease in the RLU’s as compared to ATP standard in broth alone