Cdc42 and Par6-PKC regulate the spatially localized association of Dlg1 and APC to control cell polarization

Etienne-Manneville S, Manneville JB, Nicholls S, Ferenczi MA and Hall A
Source: J Cell Biol
Publication Date: (2005)
Issue: 170(6): 895-901
Research Area:
Cells used in publication:
Astrocyte, rat
Species: rat
Tissue Origin: brain
Nucleofector® I/II/2b
Cell polarization is essential in a wide range of biological processes such as morphogenesis, asymmetric division, and directed migration. In this study, we show that two tumor suppressor proteins, adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) and Dlg1-SAP97, are required for the polarization of migrating astrocytes. Activation of the Par6-PKCzeta complex by Cdc42 at the leading edge of migrating cells promotes both the localized association of APC with microtubule plus ends and the assembly of Dlg-containing puncta in the plasma membrane. Biochemical analysis and total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy reveal that the subsequent physical interaction between APC and Dlg1 is required for polarization of the microtubule cytoskeleton.