The Role of Different Supplements in Expression Level of Monoclonal Antibody against Human CD20

Mahboudi F, Abolhassan MR, Azarpanah A, Aghajani-Lazarjani H, Sadeghi-Haskoo MA, Maleknia S, Vaziri B
Source: Avicenna J Med Biotechnol.
Publication Date: (2013)
Issue: 5(3): 140-7
Research Area:
Basic Research
Culture Media:
The paper discusses the expression of monoclonal antibodies against human CD20 using supplements against levels of well defined media ProCHO 5, RI 1640 and DMEM-F-12
BACKGROUND: Recombinant monoclonal antibodies have been marketed in last three decades as the major therapeutic proteins against different cancers. However choosing a proper medium and supplements to reach the high expression is a challenging step. Despite of commercial serum free and chemically defined media, there are still numerous researches seeking the optimum media to gain higher expression titer. Selecting the best basal media followed by proper supplementation to increase the cell density and expression titer needs proper and accurate investigation. METHODS: In this study, we have determined the expression titer of monoclonal antibody against human CD20 using soy extract, Essential Amino Acid, Non-Essential Amino Acid, Panexin NTS, Peptone, Yeast extract, Insulin-transferrin selenite, Human Serum Albumin, Bovine Serum Albumin, Lipid, and two commercially available supplements, Power and Xtreme feed. In each experiment, the expression level was compared with a well defined media, ProCHO5, RPMI 1640 and DMEM-F12. RESULTS: It has been shown that supplementing the ProCHO5 basal medium with 10% power feed or combination of 5% PanexinNTS,1.5 g/L yeast and 1.5g/L peptone results in the best production levels with 450 and 425 mg/L of anti CD20 mAb expression level, respectively. CONCLUSION: Panexin NTS, yeast and peptone cane be proper supplement for fed-batch cell culture instead of commercial Power feed supplement which is a cost effective way to increase expression level. And thereby ProCHO5 may be replaced with common media such as RPMI 1640 and DMEM-F12.