Kupffer Cell, human

Kupffer cells are the resident macrophages in the liver and are part of the first line of defense against bacteria and toxins in the gut. Kupffer cells exhibit typical macrophage morphology and can be activated to produce inflammatory cytokines, growth factors and reactive oxygen species.

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Recommended Media

RPMI-1640 medium was developed by Moore et al., at Roswell Park Memorial Institute, hence the acronym RPMI. The formulation is based on the RPMI-1630 series of media utilizing a bicarbonate buffering system and alterations in the amounts of amino acids and vitamins. RPMI-1640 medium has been used for the culture of human normal and neoplastic leukocytes. RPMI-1640 when properly supplemented, has demonstrated wide applicability for supporting growth of many types of cell cultures, including fresh human lymphocytes in the 72-hour phytohemagglutinin (PHA) stimulation assay.

There are a variety of formulations:
12-702         - with L-glutamine
BE12-702/U1 - with UltraGlutamineI
BE15-702D    - [powder] with L-glutamine
12-167          - without L-glutamine
12-115          - with L-glutamine and 25 mM HEPES buffer
BE12-115/U1 - with UltraGlutamineI and 25 mM HEPES buffer
04-525          - with L-glutamine and 165 nM MOPS (used for some mycological assays)
09-774          - with L-glutamine, 25 mM HEPES buffer 100 units/ml penicillin, 50 ug/ml streptomycin
12-918          - without L-glutamine or phenol red
BE12-752       - with L-glutamine, without D-glucose

Storage = 2ºC to 8ºC 
  (versions without L-glutamine and those with UltraGlutamine can be stored at 15ºC to 30ºC)

Transfection Information

In case no data are shown for the selected cell type, please take a look at our optimization strategy or contact our Scientific Support Teams to get further guidance on how to easily determine optimal Nucleofection conditions yourself.


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