Endo.At endothelial, from ESC, mouse

Endothelial cells genetically selected from transgenic mouse embryonic stem cells expressing puromycine resistance and GFP reporter genes.

Cell Type:
Endo. Progenitor
Tissue Origin:
Cell Characteristics:

Recommended Media

Endothelial cell media are low serum media optimized for the proliferation of endothelial cells.

EGM-2 is a refined version of EGM.
 - Does not contain BBE
 - Final serum concentration is 2%
 - Improved cell proliferation over EGM

EGM-2 can be used to grow all of Clonetics Endothelial Cells except microvascular, coronary artery, umbilical artery, and iliac artery

Transfection Information

In case no data are shown for the selected cell type, please take a look at our optimization strategy or contact our Scientific Support Teams to get further guidance on how to easily determine optimal Nucleofection conditions yourself.


3D Cell Culture  
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Stem Cell Reports (2017) 8(4): 907-918