Cor.At Cardiomyocytes, from ESC, mouse

Cardiomyocytes genetically selected from transgenic mouse embryonic stem cells expressing puromycine resistance (and optionally with or without GFP expression)

Cell Type:
Cardiac Muscle
Tissue Origin:
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Cell Characteristics:

Transfection Information

Lonza Optimized Protocol
Optimization Guideline
The table below shows data for the cell type and Nucleofector™ Platform selected. Those data are either based on Lonza Optimized Protocols or on results shared from customers who performed an optimization based on our guidelines. In case no data are shown for the selected Nucleofector™ Platform, please take a look at our optimization strategy to get further guidance on how to easily determine optimal Nucleofection conditions yourself.
Protocol Kit Program Cells Efficiency Viable Cells Substrate Format Platform
V B-018 1e6 50-61% 80% Plasmid (general) 2 µg 100 µl I/II/2b