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Keratinocyte Growth Medium 2

Supports proliferation of primary human keratinocytes in culture. Drives faster proliferation than the original KGM. Now superceded by KGM-Gold


HL-1™ is a chemically defined culture medium containing less than 30 µg protein per ml. Components of HL-1 include known amounts of insulin, transferrin, testosterone, sodium selenite, ethanolamine, a variety of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids...

Keratinocyte Growth Medium 2, Calcium-free

A serum-free, calcium free keratinocyte growth medium

HL-1 FBS substitute

HL-1™ Chemically Defined, Serum-free Medium Supplement (100X) is a chemically defined medium additive that can be used to replace serum or significantly reduce its concentration in a variety of basal media. It contains less than 30 µg protein/ml...

Keratinocyte Growth Medium Gold

Optimized for Normal Human Epidermal Keratinocytes in a serum-free environment. Provides a nutrient rich medium that provides normal physiological growth characteristics and population doubling times. KGM-Gold supports low, moderate, and high...


UltraDOMA Serum-free Hybridoma Medium is a formulation designed for the cultivation of murine, human, and chimeric hybridomas in batch culture and in hollow fiber bioreactors. UltraDOMA™ Medium is supplemented with recombinant human insulin, bovine...

Lymphocyte Growth Medium-3

LGM-3 is a serum-free medium for lymphocyte and dendritic cell growth

UltraDOMA-Protein Free

UltraDOMA-PF Protein-free Hydridoma Media are formulations designed for use with hybridoma cell lines of murine, human, and chimeric origin. UltraDOMA-PF Media are completely defined media and do not contain peptides or tissue extracts. The use of...

Mammary Epithelial Cell Growth Medium

Serum-free media developed specifically for growth of mammary epithelial cells. Available in phenol red-free (basal media = CC3153) and sodium bicarbonate-free (basal media = CC-3152) versions.


ProDoma™ Serum-free Hybridoma Media have been developed for cultivation of murine, human, and chimeric hybridomas. ProDoma™ Media are protein-free with a low amount of human recombinant insulin. All ProDoma™ Media include HEPES as well as sodium...