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ProFreeze™-CDM, NAO, Chemically Defined Freeze Medium (2X) is universally suitable for cryopreserving many cell types in the absence of fetal bovine serum (FBS), which is particularly advantageous for freezing of cells cultured in a serum-free...


UltraMDCK Serum-free Renal Cell Medium is designed to support the growth of MADIN-DARBY Canine Kidney (MDCK) cells at low and high plating densities. The medium contains only two proteins: recombinant human insulin and bovine transferrin, yielding a...

Small Airway Epithelial Cell Growth Medium

Airway cell media are serum-free media that have been optimized for the proliferation of airway cells. The SAGM BulletKit ™ was specifically developed to provide superior growth for Human Small Airway Epithelial Cells


RPMI-1640 medium was developed by Moore et al., at Roswell Park Memorial Institute, hence the acronym RPMI. The formulation is based on the RPMI-1630 series of media utilizing a bicarbonate buffering system and alterations in the amounts of amino...

Amniochrome™ II

Amniochrome™ is highly specialized media for growing Amniocytes for karyotyping purposes. Amniochrome™ II Modified Complete Medium System has been developed for the culture of human amniotic fluid cells obtained from amniocentesis, a procedure...

Keratinocyte Growth Medium

Our first media specialised for growing keratinocytes. Now superceded by KGM-Gold

Keratinocyte Growth Medium - Calcium-free

The original medium for growth of keratinocytes but without Calcium.

Keratinocyte Growth Medium - Chemically Defined

KGM-CD Chemically Defined Keratinocyte Growth Medium was designed as a serum-free, non-animal origin, chemically defined cell culture medium to support the isolation, growth and proliferation of primary human keratinocytes in culture. It is the only...

Williams' Medium E

In 1971, Williams et al. described a procedure for enriching isolated hepatocyte cultures for polygonal epithelial cells and reducing the number of contaminating fibroblasts. This method was a sequential plating technique based on the observation...

Schneider's Drosophila medium, modified

Schneider's Drosophila medium was originally developed (Schneider, I., J. Exp. Zool., 156 (1964)) for the culture of Drosophila cells (Drosophila S2 cells). It can also be used for the culture of other Dipteran cell lines. Storage = 2ºC to 8ºC...